Custom mobile and web application development

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Experienced engineering that offers guidance and solutions throughout the process - from the initial design to a successful launch or an impressive demo for investors.

Bobcat Technologies has developed award winning applications, including mobile apps with over 1,000,000 user downloads. They are thoughtfully designed with an intuitive user experience and a polished user interface. Every app is backed by cutting edge technology and is designed to be scalable for the future.

Quality counts. Well designed software is often faster to develop and more reliable so you can get your products on the market quicker.

Past projects include technologies such as :
Full stack web apps, databases, mobile live chat, GPS/Maps, SMS/MMS, custom cameras, video streaming, music streaming, wearables, audio recording and playback, and barcode scanners.

Awards & testimonials

Janet Brumbaugh
President / Senior Software Engineer
Janet has over 20 years of software development experience, the last 8 years focusing on mobile and web development.

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