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Who We Are

Bobcat Technologies is a software development firm that empowers businesses to survive and thrive.  We have a track record of delivering highly rated, award winning software to our clients.  

Just as important is how we work with our clients.  Every business has its own unique needs, and we enjoying learning about what matters most to you - to listen and find out about your goals and concerns.  Open communication is the key to every successful project, so we operate with full transparency all along the way.  We are agile and responsive, to ensure that the software we deliver is exactly what you visualized.  

We value long term relationships - the kind that when we start a second or third project together we see a familiar smiling face and look forward to working with each other again.

Experience and Commitment Matter

You will get the benefit of our decades of experience delivering successful products.  We believe in personal commitment as technology partners - your project is our project.  We want to understand your business so we can turn your vision into reality.

Communication is essential for every successful project.  Our close collaborative style ensures that the project is being implemented just the way you want it.  We will advise, guide and manage a project, making the technical decisions and providing digital strategy, throughout the project from conception to successful completion.  Scalability and designing for the future are carefully thought through from the beginning, so you will get the most cost effective solution as your business changes and grows.

Our speciality is solving tough problems when other engineers have given up

There have been times when there was a tough technical issue that other engineers were unable to solve. Our tenacity and creative problem solving have been instrumental in saving past projects and even companies.

Our Services

Digital Transformation and IT Consulting
Digital transformation helps your business to remain efficient, improve customer experience, innovate, and give your business a competitive edge.
Together, we can analyze your organization's digital landscape and transform it so your business remains the fire-breathing, change-the-world company you've always visualized.
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Leverage the benefits of the cloud as a cost effective way to keep your business agile and competitive.
Powerful combinations of cloud, mobile and web solutions allow your technology landscape to remain flexible as your business keeps up with changing demands.
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Award winning mobile applications
With iOS, Android or cross-platform, we can help you bring value to modern customers that expect a mobile experience with your brand.
People have their mobile devices with them almost all the time - so creating a mobile application for your business puts your brand in their hands.
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Custom Web Applications
Modern web applications that represent your brand and backed by cutting edge technology result in improved customer experience, sales leads and retention.
We build responsive custom web applications designed to give you the best tools for your business.
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UI/UX Design Services
Great technology needs great user experience.
The way a product looks, feels and behaves is a marketing strategy that engages and retains customers. It is an ambassador for your brand and all that your business has to offer.
Let our creative savants do what they love by bringing your technology to life.
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Database Architecture
Databases are at the foundation of many businesses. They need to be fast, lean and scalable.
Combining web and mobile apps with a back-end database gives your organization the tools it needs to gain insights and manage your organization's data.

Case Studies

WhatsThis screenshot WhatsThis

WhatsThis is a native Android application that uses AI to perform image recognition and then speak the name of a recognized object in the image.  It uses Firebase Machine Learning, a custom camera, and TextToSpeech.

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VuSpex screenshot VuSpex

VuSpex asked Bobcat Technologies to take charge of the entire suite of their company's technology, including mobile applications ( iOS and Android ), full-stack web applications, MySQL database, Cloud Services ( AWS Cloud computing and S3 ), and integration with the Accela Civic Platform SDK.

We are happy to say that the project is on track, and VuSpex is steadily gaining traction in the market.

Lost and Found Pets screenshot Lost and Found Pets

So often, when people have lost pets they have to resort to attaching pictures to telephone poles with their contact information.  Sometimes they call the SPCA hoping that someone has found their pet and taken it there.   When someone finds a pet, and there's no identifying information on the collar, or the pet doesn't have a chip it's very difficult to find the owner.

This is where Lost and Found Pets can help.

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My Recordings screenshot My Recordings screenshot FileDir award MyRecordings

MyRecordings is a recording and playback native mobile app, for both Android and iOS. The Android app has a companion wearable that syncs recordings from your wearable to your phone. It has a beautiful UI combined with an intuitive, feature rich UX.

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More of our favorite projects

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Smile Identity

Bobcat Technologies did extensive iOS and Android development for Smile Identity, including SDK's and demo applications, which use facial recognition and custom cameras.
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SHYFT Power Mobile

SHYFT Power Mobile is an Android mobile application that we developed for the Berkeley Cleantech University Prize Competition ( Feb. 2017 ).
We are very proud to say that we won first place.
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Bobcat Technologies developed numerous demos for Averon, including iOS apps, and full-stack web apps. The web apps were developed with ReactJS and use a Firebase backend.
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Bobcat Technologies worked with Media Rights Technologies to develop a highly rated Android mobile application for the BlueBeat music service.  Customers can select from more than 1,000,000 songs, from a wide variety of genres.
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WhosHere is a popular location based social networking application.  Janet ( now Bobcat's president) developed the Android application which now has over 1,000,000 downloads.